Leap and the net will appear…

14 Oct

As a newcomer, I have spent a lot of time scouring the Internet in order to research the colourful and talented world of face painting.  I have come across many interesting and inspiring blogs but none from the point of view of someone just venturing out into the fantasy and illusion of face painting (apologies if you are out there and I just haven’t found you yet).   I am in the very early stages of my newly discovered creativity and a complete novice to the wonders of computers/face-book/websites etc. as a business tool (my husband say’s that if I can keep anything electrical, digital or computer related alive for more than 6 months it deserves a life-time guarantee!).   And so I thought you might like to share this journey with me and maybe even nudge me in the right direction if I flounder or get tangled in the net as I try to make the leap from beginner to professional face painter.

So how did it all begin?  About a year ago I attended a short course called The Artists Way.  Just as an alcoholic attends a 12-step programme to re-awaken them to a life without alcohol, I learnt how to re-awaken my creativity.  I’d long ago tucked it neatly into a little box labelled “when I have the time….” whilst I got on with the mundane tasks of mum, wife and responsible grown up.   This course re-ignited my passion for all things creative (well, except sewing – even the simple skill of sewing on a button eludes me) and had me opening up that little box to let out an explosion of ideas and possibilities.

Shortly before this artistic re-birth I had toyed with the idea of doing some face painting and had in fact attended a beginners 2 day face painting course with a friend.   However, painting had never been my strong point and the course showed me that a live moving canvass was going to take some mastering and so I began to practise, and practise and practise. My adult daughter and young son became my reluctant models but I was soon having to resort to bribery to get them to sit for me and waiting for them to finish college and school was frustrating and limiting time wise so I purchased a practise head (whom is fondly known as Fred the head) and he became my guinea pig and silent day-time companion.  Favours for friends followed with a scattering of events and parties in order to get some practise on real and fidgety faces but fear of failure held me back from taking that final plunge and putting myself out there as a face painting artist.  I purchased paints and brushes, had my insurance and CRB check and printed up business cards but still I held back and made excuses not to advertise my services and get myself some bookings.  Self-sabotage is an old friend of mine so it wasn’t difficult to make excuses or find reasons not to fully jump right in amongst the paint pots and the “real” face painters I aspired to be like.

Finally, my hand was forced when my husband politely pointed out that it was becoming an expensive hobby and that I might like to consider a part-time job to fund this new obsession (mainly due to my “kid in a sweet shop” mentality and complete loss of control over my purse strings around all things face painting!).   And so with the support and encouragement of my Artist’s Way allies I am leaping into this new adventure and crossing my fingers that the net will appear and carry me along until I find my feet and fully release the artist within me…


One Response to “Leap and the net will appear…”

  1. Lucy Kaufman October 17, 2013 at 2:10 pm #

    Brilliant blog, Maz. I’m so happy you’re finding your face-painting ‘feet’ (there must be a better word for that when it comes to faces!) Good luck in your adventure. And don’t forget, you may not need a safety net because you may find you’ve got wings…x

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