In the words of Carly Simons…

19 Oct

So for those of you who are reading this unaware of my total technological ignorance I apologise in advance…

Having spent the best part of this week abandoning my husband, my children and even my beloved mini-monster (Dexter the bull mastiff puppy) to set up my blog pages, I was feeling quite proud of myself that it all actually seemed to work (albeit on a very simplistic level).  I admit I am still working through the on-line tutorials in order to publicise my blogs (I suspect I am currently only writing these to my friend and fellow blogger Lucy – check out her site from the link on the homepage) but for someone who cannot even keep a watch alive for more than 6 months this was no small achievement.  I also confess I couldn’t resist the urge to google myself daily just to make sure I had not vanished into the abyss of the computer’s software, battling complex programmes like some scene from Tron to reappear days later with my pixels all blurred and my widgets disconnected.  However, despite my apparent success in creating a blog and a facebook page before that, how to link the two was still evading me despite all my attempts to connect them.  Well imagine my joy when I successfully forged a link from my blog to my facebook page! You know, the type that has your children rolling their eyes and frantically shoving their i-pad/laptop earpieces in before you engage them in a victory dance around the dining room table…

I suspect you have realised what is coming next – my big, loud, humiliating computer crash back to reality!  Whilst I had mastered how to forge a link from my blog to my facebook page, I could not seem to manage the link in reverse.  I studiously read and followed the instructions on the facebook help pages  but I just didn’t seem to have the  icons (buttons, to those of us new to such devices) that were required to successfully initiate such a link.  I vaguely remembered a mum from the school telling me that the more likes I had, the more I could do with my facebook page so decided that (and not my status as a facebook virgin), was to blame for this setback.

Finally, I hit on an ingenious idea!  Surely if I ‘liked’ myself on my blog, it would automatically show that I had done so on my facebook page, thus providing a link in reverse from facebook to blog  (the more experienced of you will know where this is going..).  Of course, the short answer is “No”.  The long answer (which I am more familiar with and frequently find myself using with my husband when another electrical appliance blows up, melts or shuts down)  is that not only did it then display on my homepage that I had ‘liked’ myself, I also received an e-mail from wordpress titled: ‘You liked your own post “Homepage”.  It then read as follows (and incidentally included the only solo picture I had at the time on photostream to download as my profile picture where I am blowing a kiss to the camera whilst dressed as a pink lady complete with Frenchie style wig) “You’re so vain. You probably think this homepage is about you.”

Needless to say, I still have no link from facebook to wordpress but did manage to unlike myself thanks to a tutorial from my sister.  However, for the purpose of this post, the pink lady photo shall remain for the forseeable future…


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