Halloween fun

3 Nov

So I apologise for not posting anything for over a week but Halloween and half term have been keeping me busy….

Thought I would just share some pictures with you today from my Halloween ventures.  I have decided I love painting scary tho’ my poor hubby has had so much stick about what I REALLY look like in the mornings pre make-up routine I feel I need to treat me to a makeover and him to a night out..!!!

Well, enjoy the pics and I will be updating you on  how it is all going  next week when child is safely ensconced back to school and adult child has settled into “new” work routine ( to wet your appetite; technical side a nightmare – think tears, tantrums and copious amounts of wine   but creative juices flowing..)!

IMG_1198IMG_1269 IMG_1267 IMG_1265 IMG_1262 IMG_1233 IMG_1252 IMG_1232 IMG_1243 IMG_1240 IMG_1230 IMG_1214 IMG_1197 IMG_1165 IMG_1162 IMG_1157 IMG_1154 IMG_1151


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