Tips & Observations whilst making the leap ….

22 Nov

As I have not posted anything recently, by way of explanation I thought I would share some (not to be taken too seriously) tips and observations with you based on my own experiences to date in attempting to leap from beginner to professional face painter..

  1.   Time management is key in order to update your blog on a regular basis, thus engaging and maintaining  the reader’s interest for more than just a polite one-off look!
  2. Take a crash course in Facebook/WordPress and anything computer related before attempting to set up your Facebook and blog.  Speak to friends, family, the man in front in the queue at Sainsbury’s or anyone that has a better idea than you do on how these things work.  This will save your sanity and your liver aswell as your relationship with your partner and children.
  3.  Forget using your hyperactive 7-year-old as a model after the first 2 weeks.  It will cost you a fortune in bribes and you will never achieve a decent tiger stripe or master fine line work.  Invest in a practice head and leave your son to his re-enactment of Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen.
  4. Your puppy (should you have one) will not distinguish between your face sponges and the stuffing from his cuddly toy.  They are both equally as fun to devour and of no use to anyone once he has them in his mouth.
  5. Purchasing the best brushes as recommended by FacePaintUK and upgrading your initial collection of snazaroo paints to those used by the professionals will not miraculously transform your teardrops, swirls and curls from splodges and wiggles to perfect decorative creations overnight.  This only comes with practice.  Have your white and black paints and your brushes to hand whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, the veggies to cook or whilst watching your favourite soap.  Just roll your sleeve up and use your arm as your canvass.
  6. No matter what the weather is when you leave for your booking, take an extra wooly and warmer shoes just in case – a cold face painter = cold, shaky hands (and sniffly nose – never pleasant) making your line work difficult and your partner less than amused when he has to make a round trip to the job to provide said items of clothing!
  7. Don’t assume a themed birthday party will mean the children all want to get in character.  Butterflies and Spiderman will beat any birthday theme hands down, no matter how long you have spent creating and practising new and original designs that you desperately want to try out.
  8. DO NOT accept an invite for your own child to attend the party that you are face-painting at unless you are 100% confident he or she will not become the star attraction at the party for all the wrong reasons.  You cannot watch your child and paint effectively at the same time.  You know that, the party  host knows that and your child most definitely knows that.
  9. A child who is adamant they want to be some fantasy figure from a film or game you have never heard of can be persuaded to be one of the faces you are able to do.  You just need to create a story where the hero or heroine is one of the characters you can paint and a promise you will have the face of the character they requested next time you see them.
  10. Be clear on how many faces you can paint in an hour and then on how many hours you are working and will be paid for.  Painting over this time may get you the adoration of the children and the admiration of their parents but it will not cover your costs or enthuse your partner to negotiate the unknown territory that is after school and weekend clubs, homework and the washing machine.

You will by now have fallen in love with face painting despite all the stress and teething problems that come with any new venture.  You will hopefully no longer fear that moment of reckoning when you lift up the mirror to the face of the child you have just painted and wait with baited breath for their smile of delight and approval.  However! Just be sure to check you have the parents consent and the grandparents knowledge before transforming the child into the death zombie they asked for, complete with fake blood and rotting flesh, as opposed to the “small cheek design” they had instructed their child request before leaving early to visit said grandparents…


5 Responses to “Tips & Observations whilst making the leap ….”

  1. Val Ayris November 22, 2013 at 4:57 pm #

    Love your blog Maz. It always makes me laugh. There’s so much more to face painting than I could have imaged and I’m in awe of your skills xx

    • mazmeekcoms November 22, 2013 at 6:17 pm #

      Thanks Val. It’s really nice to get comments back on my posts. I have so much fun being creative and the last point about the death zombie really did happen. The parents sent the grandparents a picture (via mobile) of the flesh rotting wound and they phoned them in shock to ask were they in A&E and how long would they be!?

      • Val Ayris November 22, 2013 at 10:52 pm #

        Priceless!! X

  2. Lucy Kaufman November 23, 2013 at 9:49 am #

    Love the tips. Especially as it’s clear you have learnt them the hard way! Great blog and those Halloween faces are masterpieces. Wish I’d known you when I used to go over the top at Halloween. You would definitely have been hired! Xxx

    • mazmeekcoms November 26, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

      Thanks Lucy. I absolutely loved doing the Halloween faces – they are so much fun!

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