Christmas Greetings & New Year Resolutions…

20 Dec

I know I said this blog was going to be about face painting and I know in my last blog (Tips & Observations whilst making the leap ..) I acknowledged that “Time management is key in order to update your blog on a regular basis, thus engaging and maintaining  the reader’s interest for more than just a polite one-off look!” BUT in my defence…. I have this great blog inside me (says she…) ‘in support of the mid-life crisis’ which I have been trying to write since the beginning of November but I only seem capable of one paragraph per sitting so it is taking a little longer than I anticipated.  Also! (Apologies, I tend to get a bit carried away with the exclamation mark and speaking of them and digressing slightly, do you know, I belong to a local group called Streetlife and I once posted something that I thought was really funny and required lots of exclamation marks (3 to be precise) and the regulators messaged me to ask did I realise I was sounding agressive and would I like to moderate my comments.  Yes really. Note.  No exclamation mark at the end of this paragraph..)

I have recently set up a personal facebook page in order to resolve my previous problems with ‘liking’ other businesses (I cannot even begin to explain this, refer to previous blogs) but in doing so have become SO NOSEY!  Who knew there are ‘you tube’ videos on what your cat is thinking …!? (oops! – an exclamation mark).  Anyway, my reason for posting tonight was just to say a very merry Christmas for those of you who celebrate it, a very happy few days off work for those who get to have some time off and a very big THANK YOU for those of you who have taken the time out to read my blogs.  New Years Resolution to oneself: Stop blagging it and start blogging it…!!!!!


One Response to “Christmas Greetings & New Year Resolutions…”

  1. Val Ayris December 22, 2013 at 11:45 am #

    Love reading your blog Maz. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. Love Val x

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