About Me

First of all welcome to my blog!  Please take a look around and if anything inspires you, reminds you of a memory you would like to share or just makes you smile for a moment, I would love to hear from you and about you….

So I feel like how I imagine a recent divorcee would, were they to sit infront of an on-line dating website for the first time pondering what witty, off-the-cuff snippets to divulge about themselves to stir the interest of a potential suitor.  Would they want to know my likes and dislikes.?

Likes:  All types of music – well actually no, I don’t much like jazz, male country singers, screechy type opera (the other type is just fine!), widdly diddly (folk) or schwingly schwangly (jazz funk) music.  Getting back to the likes; cooking (from daily dinners to parties and elaborate entertaining), housework (yes really, I find it theraupeutic) and dancing  (and when I say I like dancing I mean I like watching it, feeling it, imagining it and doing it).

Dislikes:  Seafood (urgh, urgh,URGH!), horror films (I’m scared of the dark and suffer from sleep paralysis – the 3 don’t mix!), being cold (you will NEVER hear me complain it is too hot) and people who are rude (think everyday manners and just being courteous and respectful).

….Or perhaps they would be more interested in my life “time-line?” – You know, went to school, college, left home, worked here, here and here, got married had children (adopted incidentally) – 1 with suspected ADHD (going through diagnostic assessment now) and 1 on the Autistic spectrum with learning difficulties so YES! my life is loud and hectic!  Where was I..? Gave up work (not exactly by choice – had to home tutor my daughter for a bit) then suddenly found myself a bored, frustrated,stay-at-home mum whose two girly weekends away a year became my life-line and a chance to resort back to just being me.  Not being a mum, not being a wife.  Just being me.  (Think I would’ve lost the potential suitor at this point!).

So what do i do?  And what do I want to do and hope to bring to this blog?

Well, I first got the idea for this blog as a way of committing to and reaffirming my intention to become a face painter.  I thought that if I had to write about my experiences, I would have no choice but to put myself out there and take the leap from beginner to professional face painter (hence the reference on the homepage and first blog post).  However, I have already realised that this blog is about so much more than just face painting.  It is an opportunity for me to explore another aspect of my creativity  and a chance to share and connect with other creative people.

Just getting to this point has been an experience and an adventure in itself – not all of it happy and some of it difficult with a lot of soul searching and self analysis along the way but I am here!  And what I do and what I want to continue to do is enjoy and explore the creativity and the artist within me without a plan, a reason or an exact purpose but just because I can and it is who I am…….


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